I was asked to perform in a punk/rock show on August 19th. I wasn't part of a band, but I found a singer (female), a bassiest(sp?) who had just put his first down payment on his bass, and a drummer, who has a drum set and a sister who plays drums. Both the bassist and drummer do not know how to play, and the singer is learning to sing. She can play piano really well.
We are looking for songs to cover during that time. If we can create and play our own, we will, but right now we are looking for songs to play, so if anyone has any suggestions could you post them? We are thinking of fast, easy song's to play.
Personally I want to play some AC/DC but the singer doesn't want to sing it, not in particular anyways (I don't blame her), and the bassist doesn't care for them.
Anyways, yes. Just seeing if I could get some song suggestions.
What genre of music are you all into? There's alot of fast, easy punk songs by bands like MXPX, Blink-182 (harder on the drums though), Green Day, Weezer etc. that would be fun to cover, but it all depends on what you're into.

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how bout some zeppelin... or the beatles ...

Yeah, zepplin... because a drummer who's never played before will pick that up before

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I say you are going to make a fool of yourself if you get up there with a bunch of people who don't know how to play. I mean, come on your bassist doesn't even have one yet. That's like those bands you start even before you have your instruments. You are sitting in your 3rd grade classroom going, hey everyone, look we are a band.
Get some people that can play, or jump in on an established band if whoever asked you to play just really wants to see you rock out at the show. You could be a guest guitar player for a band.