Poll: Best pickup for a bridge position on a Strat?
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Single-Coil, slanted
4 27%
11 73%
Voters: 15.
This isn't a Fender forum so I expect there won't be so much bias by people who think the only strat is one that's exactly like the first one made in 54.. but what do you all think is the best pickup in the bridge position?

If you put a humbucker there are you really losing anything?
It depends on what you play. If you play some stuff with heavier distortion, go with a humbucker in the bridge. If you play lighter stuff, stick witht he single coils.

Personally, I'd go with the humbucker for more versatility.
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I don't mean for me personally, but based on what everyone else plays themselves. Like their own personal opinion for their style/music/tastes.
You'll want a humbucker if you use any kind of distortion... my Strat with single coils makes tons of noise if you use any distortion.
I use a Paul Reed Smith HFS in the bridge of my Strat. With my custom 5 way, I can get sounds that are really close to "authentic" Tele and Strat.
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Humbucker tapped then you can get the true versitality
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I put a SD little 59 in my Bridge postion of my MIM strat--- a completley different sound from the single coil but I prefer it- much more grit and power- but really not a huge difference in volume from any of the other pickups... I recommend it.
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I am for single coils. The strat was never designed to have humbuckers; you lose some of the typical strat sounds when you use a humbucker instead.
To me, humbuckers aren't made to go in Strats, just looks wrong.

Single coils retain that traditional "Strat" sound, that's what you buy a Strat for usually.
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I think the shape and feel is what really defines the Strat.. so many different kinds of pickups and sounds, a humbucker shouldn't matter too much
Strat's neck and middle pickups are the best, but their bridge pickup sounds awfully thin and annoying, IMO. A humbucker will make it more versatile, plus you can wire it for coil-tapping when you need a single-coil sounds. HSS owns.