Anyone have experience with both of these? or know songs where one song uses one and another uses the other or something?

I want the basic Steve Vai tone.. but nothing drastic..
don have any experience, but by all accounts there really amazing. If your looking for vais tone then they would be a great start, however, as everyone else says, if you aint got the chops then there not for you. They really highlight every ****up you make. Maybe the evo2 would be better as it cleans up a bit more when you roll the volume down. It all depends on how good you are. Also you wont get exactly steves tone just with the pickups. Hope this helps a bit.
well since I'm a beginner and don't really know how to play much at all... I was thinking that if they show all the mistakes it would help me get better instead of relying on muddied/blurred tone.
Well that makes sense to me. have you looked at any other models? do you just want the steve vai tone? Try the pickup selector, it helped me a lot. I ended up getting the tone zone, but cant tell you how it sounds as i havnt got it back from the shop. By all accounts the PAFS are also good. Youj ust might not want to limit your optiojns. Ultimatley it comes down to how you feel, your buying it. Besides im not an expert on this, just trying to help as much as i can. I know what it's like trying to choose new pups. Theres so many to choose from. try a search and see what other people think and reccomend.
ya I'm looking for the Steve Vai tone
so the question is what does one get, the Evolution or Evo 2 for the bridge?

is the Evolution too trebly?
well as far as i know steve had the evo2 made to replace the evo as it still screams but cleans up more when vol rolled down. Therefore it wont make much difference either way imo. you may just have to work out what songs he uses the evo2 in and compare it to some of his earlier stuff. Thats the the only way you will know what you want. Unfortunatley i cant point you in that direction as i dont listen to a lot of steve vai. Maybe someone else can elaborate further or point you to some sound clips.
You think since he went with the Evo2 that's like his preference now and feels like it's a better pickup?
from what ive read that would be correct to say. But dont get me wrong he may still use the evo's, maybe if he was playing older stuff at a concert or something. Either way i dont think there would be a hell of a lot of difference, its still a steve tone. just wish i knew more. It'd be good if others could contribute to this thread, so you get more of an idea as to which way to go. Like i said im just letting you know what others had said to me, when i was looking.
do these humbuckers sound ok/good for classic rock or other classic sounds that used a humbucker? or is it sorta drastically different?
Some people think that Humbuckers are better distorted and Single coils are better clean. I have found that they both work well in thier own ways... To me, humbuckers give a warmer tone and Single coils give more of a twangy kind of sound. You might want to consider what your guitar is already set up for. If you don't have a router, or don't have the cash to get someone else to do it, you'll need to stick with the same type of pickups you already have. If you can, I always thought having two singles and a humbucker was a novel Idea.
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wolfman thanks for the advice

to fill you in, I currently have a 3-single Standard Strat, and while it already has routing for a humbucker (with a new pickguard) I'm just gonna exchange it for a fat strat which already has a humbucker. Eventually I'd like to upgrade the humbucker to something better, particularly to sound more like Steve Vai

what I"m concerned about is whether or not Dimarzio Evolutions/Evo 2s are drastically different than regular humbuckers or they can play regular classic rock too
providing he needs to rout. but yeah what he said^. If your asking if the dimarzios are good for classic, im not sure, but imo i think you could get a nice tone, buts thats just what i think.