It's ok, the 81 isn't typically known as a good neck pickup. I'm not sure it's gonna get any good clean tones, Les Paul's are good for classic rock ie: AC/DC, Zeppelin. Les Paul's are very expensive, so you could always get some sort of Epiphone or even possibly an Agile or Schecter that will be more versatile. That's just me.
yeah i know all about the les pauls but they arent as good at metal... so i think ill just get this and change the neck pickup maybe.. i dunno tho
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stairway to heaven has a solo?!?!
kirk uses them live now too...go to the main UG menu and go to the metallica new song link on youtube and hes using a nice les paul
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yeah i know im not lookin for a les paul tho.. i want an esp
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stairway to heaven has a solo?!?!
I don't think EMG's would suit vintage tones but if you mostly play metal you might be able to clean it up enough with a nice amp.
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just go with the emg.... its not bad

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