I'll give it a try.

Miraculous Disaster

Who is it that pasted this idea
into the minds of these few?
Impaled by the blast-off,
you know, the one that had us close enough.

Never have you seen,
Before the eyes
Of a repeated personality-

Bend the mind so you can:
Think about a tale,
Dream about a veil,
and know of a speculation.

Who is it that smashed this idea
into a low-knowledge space?
Wouldn?t they know?
Know that it couldn?t contain itself,
and the matter would escape
Out of the worthless and wasted,
bitter- as so tasted
Venturous self structure.

Bend your mind so it can:
Think about a tale,
Dream about a veil
and know of a speculation.

And we?ll make this all the most placid intake
of our, somehow, most miraculous disaster.
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The Rain And Snow

We've been reduced to ruin in this noncalibrated earth that has stumbled upon us.
It is good. The only thing that I would change would be to make it a little more obvious. It is all kind of hidden and people could get different meanings and miss what you were trying to say.