I really have never done vocals before but felt like giving this a go as I love the song so much and wanted to do a Macman cover of it.

Don't worry guys this is not my day job doing this type of thing.

Anyways I hope some of you like it. I am really new to recording and mixing so apologies if the mixing is poor, the vox are way too high in mix. Also I used an el cheapo Karaoke machine mic and did this very quick tonight....I did what Iliace over on guitarworkstation.com had suggested and plugged the karaoke mic into Guitar input on GNX 3000 and set the USB out as DRYGUITAR to record the voclas.

Cheers Macman
I don't know the original too well so I'm not really the best person to crit it, but I did enjoy listening to it. Nice work Mac.
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Very nice Gilmoury guitar but the vocals do need work man... Although I do like that 'Everybody else is just greeeeeeen!' bit. I dunno, you just need to put more emotion into the vocals, try singing louder but turning it down in the mix, for a start.
that is one of my favorite songs and you did it pretty good, the vocals do need work though, i know how hard vocals can be as i do them when i record, other than the singing good job.

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