well it seems here on UG using a distortion pedal on a tube amp is taboo, so what would the gpood people at UG suggest someone do if they owned a tube amp where they were unsatisfied with the amp's distortion and still weren't satisfied after an overdrive pedal.
Distortion on a tube amp is fine, all depends on how you do it.
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#whisper# i would use a distortion pedal #end whisper#
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Did you try boosting the overdrive channel of the tube amp with the overdrive pedal?

A distortion pedal would work, but it will steal (mask) the tube characteristics, and give the distortion of the pedal...

My suggestion, though pricey, would be to look into one of the tube distortion preamp pedals (mesa, damage control demominzer/womenizer)
are you kidding? put a high end distortion on a tube amp and the puppy should scream!
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^^ And you only get the sound of that high end distortion pedal. Like someone else said above, just use the distortion/overdrive pedal to boost/fatten up the amp's overdrive. It will sound a lot better than a high end disotrtion pedal.
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