I'm in the market for my first higher end acoustic guitar. I've been playing my 1st $200 Alverez while for 4yrs now while i was focusing on buying several electric guitars. I really want a Martin D16rosewood. The problem is finding one. Musiciansfriend has them in stock but dunno bout buying online. But it pushes a grand n im not sure if i have that money with college coming up. I was looking at a epiphone masterbuilt they seem nice but my local music store said it would b super hard ever finding a lefty one. I was thinking about just getting a righty dreadnought n flipping the nut but he said it would cause problems with the intonation at the bridge. But then Paul McCartney has been playn on that righty Texan for 40yrs now so i dunno it cant b that bad lol. deally i'd buy the martin but if i dont round up enough money i'd like to get the epi I dont know what to do...im getting sick of being lefty........
Im both, but I prefer lefty and it is kinda a pain in the ass to get a lefty guitar, but oh well.
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well you can get an acoustic and reverse it, the only problem is if it has a cutaway itll be on the wrong side as well as the pickguard
and you hafta reverse the nut
im a lefty myself i feel your pain
yea i no i was thinkn bout a right Dreadnought but the guy at the store said the nut is no prob its the bridge's angle upside down would **** up the intonation. He its dumb to do when u spend good $$ on a guitar. Thats one guys opinion tho thats why i'm asking. I wonder what a luthier can do with a righthanded one..n how much it would cost.....

N SG6578 how the HELL do u play both ways???