Okay maybe not but I needed to get your attention. I was looking at the Epiphone Les Paul Ultra. It got really good reviews on musiciansfriend.com and I was wondering if any one here had it. If so could you tell me how it plays etc..

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ive tried one... great guitar, REALLY sexy guitar

Its somewhat lighter than an actually Les Paul because it has sound chambers in it, but it has an all mahogany body, with a maple cap...

Its really nice, the sound isnt as thick as an les paul, but i still like it, its not as bad for the back

EDIT: its not bad for the back
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Go and play one in a shop, see if you like it. Make sure you don't just buy from reading reviews! Not always reliable.
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what music do you play? also amp may play a part but we will keep it for later if you want to get a new guitar