Do any of you have good experiences of using a DVD or CD-rom based tutorial? If you do can you tell me which ones and why?

I was going to post this in the New Members section but really I want advice from people that are a bit more advanced.

i really havent found any that i liked so far, but i can tell you that the "rock guitar method" from media, is not whats its all hyped up to be, for me it just showed a lot of powerchords. It had some little riffs in it, but wasnt the best for me. It would be good for a really new guitar player, in fact if your a new guitar player i would recommend it, it comes with a chord dictionary, metronome, and videos and lessons on how to play songs from different rock genres. Most of it is for electric tho, i belive they make an acoustic rock guitar method cd. But i know nothing about it
i bought one when i bought my very first guitar and i never even played the dvd and hardly looked at the book at all. with all the lessons and tabs that are available on the internet it is so easy to just jump right in and start playing any song you want. sure a chord chart is nice to have, but you should be able to learn open chords easily and then once you get the grasp of barre chord formations you can pretty much play any chord you would need. so charts become obsolete pretty quickly in my opinion. not to mention that you can almost always get the help you need or get your questions answered right here in these forums. i wish i would've joined when i first started playing.