I'm looking for a unit - a rack unit - that will act as a distortion effects processor, providing me a multitude of choices for distortion/overdrive/crunch etc...

Basically like a Boss GT Pro with everything removed except the distortion!

The best rated and most similiar product I've found is the Tech 21 SansAmp PSA 1.1

This is great - the only downside is I would like something that isn't even a preamp, literally just the same as a set of pedals all in a rack unit.

Anyone have suggestios that are identical to, or similiar to, this?

Thanks a million - and HELLO!
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yea thats what i was thinking, the line 6 rack, mounted distortion modeller

Like The Edge's, custom made; probably cost him $1,000 USD or more.
For the price of something like that, you'd be better off buying a POD XT Pro and using only the difference amp models without all the other bells and whistles. Would give you the exact result you are looking for and cost less money.
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Ok Guys. Thanks for the input.

Let me ask you guys some further questions

What do you think of the:

RockTron Xpression Rack Unit (remember, just as a distortion unit) - it doesn't seem to produce metallica/pantera type sounds - which is amongst what I'm looking for.

Line 6 DM4 Unit - This sounds decent - I could set it on top of my rack.

What have you heard of the SansAmp 1 or 1.1? It seems like the best bet so far, but I've heard that it sounds best with full-range speakers, and with an SS amp.

Does anyone know if some cabs have "full range" speakers? How about Vintage Celestion's like in the Legacy?
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How about the Rocktron Gainiac 2?

It's a thought.

The gainiac 1 didn't get the best reviews - and the 2 seems to be too new to have reviews.

It's on my list; hypothestically it's exactly what I want, I just need some sounds to hear it!


PS: By the way, my setup includes only a G Major now, I'm going to get a new amp too so I can build that around my preamp if I get one, or a non-preamping effects unit.

But since the G Major is toneless, I want something with some tone!