I was thinking of buying my second guitar and wanted to know what the major differences are between the Epi LP custom (http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Epiphone-Les-Paul-Custom-Electric-Guitar?sku=518350) and the Epi LP standard (http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Epiphone-Les-Paul-Standard-Electric-Guitar?sku=518341)

I haven't been able to truly grasp what is different in tone for each of these instruments which doesn't help me at all when trying to buy a guitar for myself. I play mostly pop-rock, some punk/hardcore and some jazz
Basically the same guitar. You're paying for cosmetics. The pickups might be different, but they sound the same.

Mahogany/Alder Body
Maple veener top

Mahogany/Alder Body
Mahogany/Alder Top

I say get the Standard Plain-Top:
pure Mahogany body
Not sure what the top is. Think it's a maple veener.
And it's cheaper than both of the others.
According to the website, the Standard has a maple top, the Custom has a Mahogony/Alder top and that seems to be about the only thing that might change the tone of them. Pretty much everything else is the same, pickups, body material etc except the inlays and gold hardware.

The gold hardware was the reason I chose against the Custom and got a Standard as I read in many places the gold wears off after a while.
Thanks for the responses, I'll most likely get the standard, the cosmetics really don't mean to much to me right now. I was just worried that the Standard might not have as "good" of a tone as the Custom due to any of the minor differences in woods used.
The Standard-PT has Alnico pickups which i've heard are not bad, but not exactly that good though. How much would replacement pickups that would be good for the type of music I want to play cost? All my info is below, thank you in advance.

Well I figured I shouldn't waste anyone's time asking one question at a time so here goes.


Background: 7 months playing on and off, stopped about 4 months ago due to personal issues, but back again and want to start up again, playing with my friends new 'band' we're just gonna play a few songs for fun in front of our friends before we all head off to college. I love the guitar, kind of intimidated by salespeople who seem to just want to get me to buy the most expensive guitar I can afford and stop asking questions, which is why I'm here

Budget: 1200USD

Guitar: Epiphone LP series

Amp: Suggestions please?

Type of Music: Alkaline Trio/Taking Back Sunday/ Switchfoot/ 3Doors Down/ Plain White T's but also some Aerosmith/ Pink Floyd/ Ramones

Like I said before, I'm sick of asking salesmen to help me out because they're always trying to get me to buy something, instead of directly answering my questions. Please feel free to toss in any suggestions for effects pedals, Faders, Distortion, Delay the works. I know its a lot but I'm just trying to get a feeling for the use of everything a person has in his kit. I want to become semi-serious about playing one day when It's plausible for me considering circumstance.
Not sure about the amp as I have never heard of half those bands you listen to but I second the Epi LP Plain-Top, it has an all Mahogany body.
Specterz, check out the JCM2000 series by Marshall. That should suit you well. Other than that, check out the JCM800 series. I think the 2000 might be better for you though.
I have a squier standard and a epi les paul standard (my friends epi). The epi by far is heavier, but its got a fatter tone, cause of the humbuckers. Id get the standard just to save some cash. Overall, the epiphone is really just has more "fancy" things on it than the squier, i use the squier a lot more, cause it doesnt feel like im holding a cinder block with a strap on it. haha. But it is a good guitar, i like it a lot. So def. pick it up, you wont regret it, and you dont have to worry about the pick up selector switch falling out like on the lower end epiphones. Epiphone makes a good product you just have to pay over 200 bucks to get it usually.
Thanks for all the replies everyone! I'm going today to check out the JMC2000 Amps and the Standard Plain-Top at the closest music stores near my house, Thanks for all your help everyone! If anyone still has any input please post, I would appreciate it
go for the standard the custom just has different wood in the body. you only pay for mohogony/ alder top but the maple one on the standard is just the same really. i dont htink the pickups are any diff but the sound will still be the same.
I'd say you should check out a Marshall JCM2000 DSL50 or an Orange AD30. Both can achieve the tones you are looking for and are great amps. For guitars, I'd say go with the LP Custom. I have one and I love it. I've had it for almost a year and although the gold on my pups has worn off a bit, that's mostly my fault for cleaning it with the wrong cleaners. And for effects, I'd reccomend you check out a Line 6 DL-4 delay modeler. Best delay pedal ever. Comes not only with delay, but modulation, too. I can get some very shallow, but decent modulation effects when I turn the delay to zero. Some other cool pedals to check out are Boss PH-3 phaser, Boss BF-3 flanger and any of their delay pedals. And if you're into using distortion pedals on a tube amp, check out a Boss DS-1 and maybe even a Keeley modded DS-1. They get rave reviews around here and Steve Vai uses one, just a little FYI.
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^what can you only recommend your equipment?^but definitely look at a Marshall DSL for an amp and an Epi LP Standard plain top will be much better than the standard or custom

plain top = solid mahoagny body with a maple veneer top
standard = mahogany/alder with a maple veneer top
custom = mahogany/alder