I took the manson version but still tried to make it my own. Yeah anyway, im no singer but its teh vocals that really make this song so I put them in. Let me know what you think Sweet dreams
Not bad. The guitars were OK, a little bit on the dull side. Try give them more impact and tone. Also the intro riff is played with a bit more distortion I think.
The voice was suprisingly good, in a Manson kind of way. Sounded a lot like him. Some parts were slightly off-key, but as you said you're not a singer, so no harm done really.

Overall I give it a 3.5/5. But try spiff it up more.
Oh, by the way. Get a drum backing track for the song. That would add heaps to it.
Ha yeah I know that theres a bit more distortion.. but i just really like it completely clean in that bit. Thanks for the compliment on the vocals by the way. Im thinking about taking lessons for them soon, think it will help alot?
Yep, some vocal lessons would definitely help with your range on some of the higher notes.
I forgot how much I loved this song.

Your version was kinda cool, but Manson's is awesome. Anyways, I liked it. Turn the distorted guitar up....a lot. Plus a drum backing track would be cool.

Good job though.
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Haha yeah nobody can beat mansons version. I didnt play it an octave higher, i played it the same and then played it a 5th above. just to add my own thing to it