Okay I came across a speaker can be a mic and vice versa. I just tested a mic being a speaker, rather neat. I will test the speaker tommorow when I have access to a solder. So what are your guys thoughts/experience's with this. Have artists used this trick in famous recordings?
i think paul McCarntey once mic up his amp with another speaker.... does it sound any good?
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WTF? How do you do this?

Like this.

guitar/bass/whatever------>effects box or amp-------> then mic though headphones/ speaker jack instead, I warn you don't use this with a amp to pre-amplifi you might blow the mic.

speaker (acts as mic instead) wired so that it can pluged into the input---> to effects box or amp. From what heard a speaker has problems with the woofer acting up.

I'm only doing this because I never use these speakers I have just to make up a different sound.
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While this does work, I wouldn't exactly suggest it. Once, I accidentally plugged my mic into the rear speaker out port on my sound card. When I turned the computer on, I could just hear noise coming out of it, it didn't click for a few seconds. Even though it only played at a very low volume, it f***ed my mic.
Think about it though, how loud will you have to play something into a speaker to turn it into a mic? It takes a coupla hundred watts to make a decent sized speaker actually move! How powerful will the mic have to be to make an audible noise!