Hey all,

I've been given a sweet old Vox 10Watt amp from, I'm guessing, the late 80's or early 90's. Really sweet sound BUT a noticeable amount of buzzing and humming from the unit when not playing. It's not too bad, and I realise you'll always get a certain amount of noise from these things, particularly with ageing electronics. I'm wondering if there are any DIY tweaks I could do to help? Perhaps some way of shielding the internals to cut down the hum?
Is it a valve amp?

Valve amps do tend to 'hum' a bit (not through the speakers), mainly due to the transformers and other components inside (there are high voltages inside). It could use AC heaters for the valves, which can produce hum.

The hum could be microphonic, caused by the transformer, or due to old valves. I would reccomend changing both the output and pre-amp valves because due to its age both will probably be going. As for shielding, its a hit and miss affair, you need to determine the source of the hum, and then shield it correctly, without short circuiting it or any other components.
Thanks isotone for the reply. Sadly it isn't a valve amp

What would/could I use in an attempt at shielding the thing?
sheild the inside of the guitar and around the inside of the input jack i did it to my squier and OMG no hum.
Shield using aluminium (or aluminum if you are in the states :P) foil, or copper foil (or gold leaf if you are minted).

It could indeed be due to your guitar. Do you use singlecoil pickups? Play under fluorescent lighting? Keep your mobile phone in your pocket whilst playing? All these attribute to hum.