hey, my old acoustic recently broke and now im thinking about investing in a new guitar, electric this time. does anyone have an oppion about the b.c rich guitar son of beast, and what type of amp should buy for it?
thanks for your help guys
Well, you have to try different guitars. Let's say, if you play metal (which 95% of the the people here do) then you want a guitar with a lot of balls. If you play punk, then you want a guitar with a bright overdrive tone etc.

As a beginners amplifier I'd say go for the Vox AD30VT. It fou play metal and want a good beginners amp, go for the Roland Cube 30. They're both in the same price range.
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the son of beast.........no.....just no..........its terrible, it's like below the bronze series bc rich do, have a look in you guitar store and try out a load of stuff in your price range, epiphones, yamaha's, squires etc
It's rubbish. Cheap wood, hardware and pickups. Wouldn't recommend it. If you're gonna get something pointy, at least make sure it sounds good. There's no point sacrificing your balls for crap tone.

Is it your first electric? I recommend Ibanez GS60, Yamaha Pacifica 112 (NOT 012) or Epiphone Les Paul Standard (mahogany, preferably).
its a rather ****ty guitar. my cousin made the mistake of getting one, didnt last a month. look into an Ibanez or Schecter. they make good beginner guitars. and i second the rolan cube as an amp.
yeah its my first electric, the place im buying it from wants 495 australian dollars. is that an ok price??? i heard its an ok guitar
Everybody hates BC Rich here. If it sounds good to your ears, and makes you want to play guitar, then by all means get it. It's more important that YOU like the guitar than random people on a guitar forum who are all on the "Begginner BC Rich = Crap, period." bandwagon.

Just so you know, you'll probably will be disapointed in its sound down the road. You'll realize it actually does have bad tone once you get an ear for it, but if you REALLY want it, go ahead.
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