hi all. I am 17 and have been playing guitar for about two yeas and electric for about 9 months. I have been using a cheap clone amp which i borrowd from a friend and now i have to give it back. I only have about 300 to spend on a new one. I have done a lot of research and have narrowed down to three choices. Roland Cube 30, Vox AD15vt or Vox AD30vt. I need this amp to be loud enough to play over a drumset in practice but also small enough to carry around town (i dont drive here). I am kinda leaning towards the vox ad15 but i am worried that carrying it around town would be bad because it is a tube amp. Also are there any issues with maintenance that i would need to know? I play many types of rock from alternate to metal if that needs to be taken into consideration. If anyone has any other sugestions in my price range please say so. thanx for the help.
The Vox isn't a tube amp, it's a hybrid (one valve in it, that's all) but they sound great for modelling amps.

The Vox's are more for cleans to mid gain type stuff, and don't do metal as well as the Cubes, play them and see which you prefer.

And what currency is your 300 in? £, $?
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Does anyone have ne more input? i have pretty much ruled out vox partially because of higher price but also because i have a digitech rp80 so i do not need the amp modelling. i am now leaning towards one of these amps.



Does anyone have any input on these amps. Also the 60watt amp will cost me only 40 euros more than the 30watt one. Is it worth the price and weight (15kg in comaprison to 9kg on the 30 watt) worth it? Will that much power be useful? ANy input is welcome. Preferably more than 1 person. Thanks alot.
honestly, I would save my money and just wait it out until you can afford an amp that will last you for a long time.
I went and checked out the amps and i think the 60 watt would b worth the price and weight. I have a 60-watt amp and it works gr8 for me. That things loud enough to play a hall easy.