hey i have seen a few live videos of tool playing vicarious and to my bewilderment i see Justin Chancellor playing that tremelo-picking solo, and its sounds exactly like the record.

I was thinking that the solo might have actually been played by him on the record. anyone whos seen them live did you see the same thing?
I always thought that the singer plays all the recorded parts. I honestly doubt it would be that difficult for any decent bass player to play that solo exactly like it sounds on the album.
well take a look at this


the person who posted it says he plays it and if you go to about 3:05 its shows him up in the teeny frets then he overdubs on a loop station or some sort of sampler

and the singer doesnt play any instrument

when i said it sounds exactly like it i meant he has the same tone and gain in his distortion
Ok.....So if he looped it in, then wouldn't it keep that tone? I don't exactly follow your question now. Try making your query a bit more clear.
yeh im not exactly saying its the tone or etc. im just stating its a bit of a new fact and i was wondering if anyone had noticed at any of their concerts if he did the same thing

what im trying to say is he plays the phrase once then uses the looper to keep it going while he goes back to the rhythm

yeh dont worry i'm a bit confusing
^Oh, now I get it, I'm not a big TOOL fan, so I've never seen them live. But I have seen Thom from The Fall of Troy do that same thing. I hope to get a looper myself, it would be nice for live shows.
Wow, that was a pretty bad quality home video...And the fact that the cameraman (or someone annoyingly close to him) was singing along (badly) didnt help matters much, lol...

But it was still a pretty good to watch...anyways, I dont know what you mean looping...When he stepped on the first thing (pedal, looper,, or whatever) he was still tremolo picking and he went back to the upper frets so I dont think he went back to the rythm...And when he stepped on the second thing at the end of the solo that was to go back to his normal tone...And notice the guy who posted the video said that Justin used "extra effects" so that first time he stomped on the stompbox that could have been another effect...

So, if you still have questions I suggest you go here to the OFFICIAL ONLY TOOL THREAD
Ask there, I'm sure more than a few of them have been to a few recent Tool shows and they might be able to answer your questions
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The album version sounds like bass to me, when I listen closely. I wouldn't have guessed without looking for it, though.
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yeh, i was a bit bewildered that he was playing it.

i wouldnt mind a looper now aswell
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