Hey fellow bassplayers!

I have found two amps which i think are good purchases. They are both monitor style bass amps at 120 watts. There used so each are $220. The only difference is one is Hartke, one is Fender. I still haven't tried them out for myself, only my dad saw them at the music shop, i plan to try them out on monday.

My friend said Hartke's are a piece of crap, go for the Fender. However the music shop said at this level of wattage Hartke is the better way to go.

So what do you recommend? Go for what label? Or should i try them and see what suits me?

Thanks in advance.
Try them. A lot of what people tell you about, well, stuff in general, isn't based on facts. You can't go wrong if you compare them yourself.
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Hartke. Fender makes terrible low end bass amps. Hartkes aren't much better, but they are still better.
It's a 12" woofer, and they ARE used.

Thanks for the advice ill try them out on monday (=