Best suited genre. I never really ever like this kinda stuff, but it's so damn ****ing addictive. I really have no idea why I enjoy it.

From [east] London, I get on with their bass player, Chris Sparrow (he isn't mentioned there, they forgot their myspace password and they're busy with six form exams at the moment.)


nice,very good, i really accually like it, one of the few bands on that site that are good
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I don't like the vocals.. the harshing sounds too "strained"
Not bad. Not bad at all (minus the vocals)
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quite good
Running away from this earth.
May it pass away in the beautiful flames that it was created for.
Because when tomorrow fails to come,
today is just not the same.
Inflamed earth.
In this hope.
For all i care set it all ablaze.

Good news then - they have a new vocalist. They haven't been able to write new material or re-record old stuff because of exams and all that, but they will be working straight back onto the band afterwards.