Hey guys. This is my second song. Im letting my friend expand on the first so i came up with a new one.

Tell me whats wrong with it if you think its poo in the doo. Thanks.
2nd Song.zip
hm, good, but hm, this is a song? sounds more like a riff :>
rest is ok
Yes. But its part of a song. Soon i will finish it and then it will be a complete song

Ive updated it but the timing see's wrong. And it's on my other PC So i will put it up tomorrow. Thanks for the crit.
i like it. you'll probably need to get rid of the high note that just seems like it was put in there on a whim. it sounds like something you might hear on a church organ. and try to transition better between what i would believe to be in intro and the longer more drawn out powercords.

please crit mine. http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=362653

scroll down for the good version. or if you want to, you can listen to all the versions and see how the piece evolved.
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