Here's some lyrics our singer wrote for a new song of ours. Lemme know whatcha think..

pretty eyes, come and stay by my side
cause youre all thats on my mind
and right now thats the way
its gonna stay

verse 1:
the light sparkles in your eyes
like stars in the sky
on a cold night in july
and I'm losing sleep thinking about you

verse 2:
when I hear that phone ring
my heart just skips a beat
and nothing else in this world
can get me out of my seat

verse 3:
lips so smooth, skin so fair
your kiss feels like theres magic in the air
and I aint gotta clue
except about how I feel for you

verse 4:
hand in hand, short drive home
wild hearts and thougts may roam
hearin some slow, sweet song from the birds above
sittin, and wonderin if I'm in love
Um, if this was for a typical 14-year old girl fanbase, sure it would do.
That isnt a good thing by the way.

Constructively, it's cliched, it has no substance, it's rhymes are forced, it's cheesy.
I mean it sounds like all the cheesy 80's pop songs, combined with some modern cheesy pop, in one song.
I liked the first two words, though.