Let the dead bury the living
We rise from our graves
From six feet under
We make our way
Not long now
Until we taste flesh
The day of judgement is upon you
Sure as the sun sets in the west

We are the people who cannot rest
The monsters of your dreams
And we don't ask for much
Only that you bleed

Any objections?
We control the realm
Slaughtered the resistance
And put ourselves at the helm
We multiply like rats
Infesting every last town
Carry the plague
And spreading it around

We are the people who cannot rest
The monsters of your dreams
And we don't ask for much
Only that you bleed

Won't you join me?
I'd love it, if you will
For you to be mine
I would kill
wow! a song about zombies! i reckon your song is awesome, partly because i love zombies, partly because i like the rhymes and the vocabulary.
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wow this is horrible, what are these lyrics worth? They mean nothing, its not like anything even remotely close to that could even happen. write lyrics that have some sort of relevance at least
A song about Zombies. Well I can't fault you about being unique, I like the Sun setting in the West line, I think that one struck me the most. But a song so blatently about zombies just kind of reminds people of B-Movies. I suggest listening to Murder By Death's Killbot 2000 that is a song about zombies that peopl can also identify because it is not quite so obvious. And don't worry about their name they definatately aren't mtal or anything close to it.
Jesse Wants To Die Just As Much As You Want Him Dead
Good song, and these lyrics do mean something, you better stock up on shotgun shells.
Good song, I like the day of the dead theme going on. If you wanted to make it a little deeper you could make the vocab more complex, but if this is how you like it I think its a great song.
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^i give crit for crit

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