These are a few songs that the band im in recorded in a decent studio, the vocals are far from finished, but the instruments are pretty solid.

Please give your feedback

welcome to UG. the quality was very good. definetly not my type of music but oh well... "can you hear me" is ok. i didnt like that it was so slow throughout the whole song. i think the guitar could have had more excitement (i think it's because the volume on the guitar is so low). "know what i mean" has a really good structure to it, i like it better than "can you hear me". "not alone" is a great song too. I think it could use a solo inbetween the chorus repeats though. The very last second of the song cuts off the "one" in "alone" (you probably already know but oh well, it stands out). great recordings overall.
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dude this is some pretty good stuff, yeah the vocals need some effects and need turned up...be nice if you threw some background vocals in there too..but the music is good and overall i would buy the CD if you guys get one
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thanx, we still have to go back and finalize evrything, and add backup vocals, hopefuly we can raise another grand so we can go and record about 6 more songs.
Those were great. Amazing quality.
How much did the session cost at that studio?
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we actually got lucky and got free studio time, but normally it costs arond 400 per day
good stuff,did you say you got free studio time!God damn lucky son of a bitch you are.
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