Hey has anyone ever bought guitars or amps from this site? I've been looking at it and it was highly recommended by someone. Was wondering what everyone else thinks? Feedback please.

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pretty damn good service. i got my first guitar there and even though i didnt know jack about anything back then i look back on it and realize that they are a really great place to buy from.
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It's probably the main online guitar and amp dealer in america. Definitley recommended.
I've bought some things from there before, not any guitars or amps though. They are a well run site, I read somewhere they were owned by guitar center. I personally prefer music123.com over musiciansfriend.com. They have a cooler website

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They are pretty good. They have never made a mistake on my orders. Quick shipping as well.
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I bought a guitar off there. It was about 220 dollars cheaper so i decided to try it. It was in great condition. One minor scratch but i buffed it out. I bought something else of there too but i don't remember what. I think it was two tshirts.
I love tat site. I bought a drum set off there. I also bought my wah peddle off there. AND im planning to buy a computer interface from there
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I have bought an amp and various accessories... a friend of mine bought a nice acoustic, depending on price, I may very well order my next amp from them too. They have very good customer service, a 45 day no questions asked Satisfaction Garuanteed return policy, (assuming it's in the same condition it arrived in) and some of the best prices as well.

However, you must remember that every guitar is different, and every one has it's own personality... Just because you liked the Strat you played at the store doesn't mean that the one off of MF will be equally as good, or feel the same. This is always true, but especially holds for beginner guitars where quality control is not so hot.

That said, there's still the satisfaction garuantee.

Also, typically if the prices differ between that website and guitar center, guitar center will match the Musicians Friend price.
i bought my guitar there, but if i had to do it over again, i would because i hadn't actually tried that guitar out, but i got very lucky that it was a good model. plus, it's like 300 dollars cheaper.
I have also bought lots of things from Musicians Friend, its great and reliable!
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