I need some advice. My birthday is in 2 weeks, I'll get some cash. I want to buy a new guitar but...I can't decide. Don't stop here and post...read on. I'm stuck on these....

Jackson DKMGT
Ibanez SZ320MH

Now...I've played the Ibanez SZ720, same guitar different inlays..flame maple top. I've played the Jackson, not with the active emgs though. None of the stores around here have the SZ320MH. I can't find it at GC or other local shops. I allready own a Jackson Dinky (DXMGT). Getting the DKMGT isn't that huge of a jump...just different pickups are the biggest difference.

Since I can't find the SZ320MH I'm almost about to just put it aside. It's going to sound different then the other guitars in that series because its solid mahogany. I don't want to order one online get it home and find out I don't like it.

I kind of want something a bit different from my Jackson. How it feels, woods, etc. But I can't find the other guitar to play it. What the hell am I supposed to do? Any suggestions for other mahogany guitars?

Edit: Suggestions made would be preffered to be hardtail.
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well i have a schecter C-1 Elite, very nice, but i played an Ibanez S470DXQM (got the quilted maple top) i liked the bridge more than an original floyd rose, it looked nice and sounded good too if you were looking for an ibanez, i liked teh s470dxqm alot, might try and make it my next guitar, lol, sorry if no help, but my local guitar center (georgia) had both those guitars, and there are more than 1 gc's in my state, so idk but u might ahve another one close by
Dont get the Jackson DKMGT if the only big difference are the pups, thats just stupid. How much are you willing to spend? What kind of music do you play? I personally suggest a Jackson but I dont suggest the 2 models you listed.
Max. $650-700ish(US)Includes price of new pups if needed.
Metal, Metal, More Metal, and did I say Metal?

I knew it felt kind of dumb to just go get another guitar like that. But I like the style and how they play.
Have you ever tried any Dean Guitars? I have 2 Dean Phantoms and a Dean EVO Special. They are all mahogony. The factory pickups dont sound that good, but I stuck EMG 81's and 85's in the Phantoms and Gibson 57s in the EVO Special. The guitars go for like $400 and change and figure the pickups $100 each. I played them in comparison to some Les Pauls and they sound just as good, if not better than the $2500 Gibson. I think they play better, too. The neck isn't as thick. I've beaten the hell out of my one Phantom for years now and it still looks like new. I get crazy if I spend a ton of money on a guitar and it gets scratched up. They might be worth taking a look into depending on what kind of music you play. These are definately rock guitars.
I played a Dean V the other day...not sure of the price though. I liked it alot, the pickups weren't actually too bad. Nice and crunchy. : I'll put it into consideration if I can find out the price. Thanks for reminding me!

EDIT: SHAAAAAAAAAWING!!!! I found the one I played...$469 on music123.com. More then affordable, I might even check out the ML.

EDIT 2: On the Dean website it says they come with Dimarzio's, some sort of custom wound ones for Dean.
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