ok, this is my first thread, and i must apologize if this subject has already come up, but im earger to talk about it, not sure why though??

So, im the bass player in my band (who killed my brother), im only 15 but we have written a few songs ect. We have just got a 2nd guitarist which is new to us as there was only a drummer/bassist/lead guitar(vocals aswell).

We are all self-taught, and we came up with a few really cool riffs and stuff, but as our new guitarist is taught i have found that she has to think about things and cant spontaneously jam, which is differcult for us as we can just pick up our instruments and play for hours on end.

To be honest she doesnt have a clue, she is a really good guitarist but..........i dont suite her playing and cant play with her, and as im the bass player, i need to be able to play with the band induvidualy aswell as everyone as a whole.

i just want people to have a debate or whatever about wether lessons are a good thing?

In my opinion they are bad, because if you aren't self taught you can progress at your own time and learn what you want, on the other hand you cant pick up scales ect. quite that easy! But all i did was pick up a few books! O, and its cheaper
your 2nd guitarist, is she particularly good at anything: solos, riffs, chords
if shes not, why dont you try to teach her?
Yeah, well shes good at chords but thats bout it, cant solo for **** and just cant improvise, meaning no fills or experimenting. There is no way i can teach her to jam spontaneously, i mean she cant tune and has to use her tuner to learn songs (yes, finding the notes), and we were playing in the key of E and finished on a G, and tht note didnt even come across in the song!!!

Being self taught i have found im more versatile with my instrument, i can come up with some crazy riffs and stuff, and by reading books i know what chords come together, you dnt want people showing you how to play, and they normally show you twinkle little star ect.
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