Very, Very good.

I really do like it a lot, the only advice is that you re-record the vocals, because at about 00:35 in the song, the singer doesn't hit the high note fully, and it kind of made me cringe.

Otherwise, great song. 9/10
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It sounds nice. Reminds me of The Starting Line with the guitar rhythms, and the vocal and lyrical style remind me much of Boxcar Racer. I guess I'm saying its not very original, but it is nice. What's the main chords for this...I can't put my finger on a couple of them. Nice work though, I didn't notice the flab note at :35 either...good work.
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i dont know the chords for this song as this was written purely by the vocalist as an acoustic song and he played guitar as well, but cheers for the comments.
I like it. I really like that guy's voice, but I can't remember who it reminds me of...
cheers, were loving the compliments so far guys!
and we as a band like the voice because it makes a change from high pitched whiney kids, as we aim to make pop-punk music, while remainly musically individual, were not at that stage yet, but, well hopefully get there someday.
I liked the chord progression a lot, but I can't stand that guys voice, lol. really no matter how high or low the pitch is pop-punk will always sound whiney. The strumming wasn't smooth enough for an acoustic song, and offbeat at times, but I did really like the lyrics and melody
oh well! every1s entitled to their own opinion so were not gona get touchy just beacause you dont like the voice lol, so cheers for your advice and well keep that in mind .
yea, the voice of the vocalist seems to be the most controversial point so far, although even he knows he hit hit some bum notes in the song lol, i guess his voive isnt to some people taste i suppose.
I listened to this a few times earlier and liked it, but I will critique it now:

? I really like the acoustic work throughout the song. Nice tone and it sounds like it was produced well. I give you props on that.
? There are a few bum notes, such as your singer being flat around 29 seconds and also flat when he sings those high notes throughout the song. However, these can always be fixed with another recording. Tell him to sing from his abdomen, this is the secret to singing that many people to do not know. I do not know if he knows this, but if he doesn?t it may help him hit that high note.
? Lyrics around 2:36 seem kind of forced, but I actually like your lyrics throughout the song.
? This song would be a great ending song to an album if you guys ever get around to making one. For more practical purposes, you should play this as your closing song during live gigs as it would give your audience something to connect with and remember you.

I can relate to your vocalist as I cannot sing high for the life of me, and so I appreciate lower ranged voices. One bad thing about low voices is that they can become monotonous and bore the listener.

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cheers 4 tht, he actually recorded twice, with the 1st being a warmup, but on the second he broke a string so we had 2 use the warmup 1 lol, so tht might explain the bum notes, and the higher notes not being reached, but thts not an excuse