Here's a short solo I was planning on playing between songs at my next gig, as a bit of filler. What do you think?
im so jealous that you actually get allowed to play a solo inbetween songs live.....im basically told to shut up and go sit in the corner

anyway im guessing a lot of the parts are meant to be tapped right? otherwise looks like it would be fairly impossible in some parts to play, anyways theres some cool licks in there, i espicially like bars 8-10, got a kinda jaco pastorius feel to it, overall its fairly nice, be a good little interlude live whilst guitarists where changing guitar or re-tuning like they always have to......check out some of mine if you can?


^That is so sad, you've got at least ten inches of scale length on them, use it to spear them in the face and take the spotlight! Yeah, the whole thing is pretty much tapped out. except the sweeped 32nds at the end, and i'll probably just cut those bass notes out of it when I play it live.
haha, to be honest i have accidently smacked either the singer or the two guitarists in the head at every gig we've ever done so i'll count that as getting my own back lol, and i was thinking that end phrase may cause a problem with the two hands, if you can do both the parts together though then fair play haha, should go down well live though, people seem to love bass solos
^Thats great, at my first show with my current band I hit our rhythem guitarist in the head and cut him open pretty good, it was a good first song.
haha, quality, fortunately (for them anyway) i havent hit them hard enough to seriously hurt them, although theres plenty of time to change that. that band by the way is crazy lol, good stuff tho