Hey guys, I just finished recording and mixing my cover of Nick Drake's "Things Behind the Sun" and I want some opinions.

First a few notes: The vocals are quiet and not very good, this is because for some reason the mix didn't work out right, they're more prominent on the master recording (but yes they aren't that good, I wasn't very strong on the vocals when I recorded this. I might retake them some other time). Also I know there are a few messups in the guitar, again, not too much I could do. Pretty much I just settled with the best takes.


Let me know what you think.
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Hey man, props for covering probably my all time favorite artist, but there's a few things here which sound to me like problems. Like you said, the voice is too quiet, and even yet, monotonous. Also, the guitar riff is sped up too much and I think it sounds a little strange. I guess it sounds original, better than a true to form cover, but the faster pace just sounds a little strange with those chord patterns because of the way the chords sparsely vary. But other than those things it was an enjoyable listen. Keep it up!
Your voice was somewhat quiet in comparison to the guitar. It's a tricky song to play and to sing. Nice cover though and great song choice.