how do i get that sort of fuzz tone in dani california? is it possible with an epi lp standard and an ad50vt?
i get it by putting my strat on the neck pickup
and adding some distortion
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might have a hard time with an LP, if your talking about the bit in the solo that uses that werid effect i dont know, some sort of pedal or FX. If you have a fender use it.

you might be able to get the tone using the neck pickup and setting the tone to 0
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yea that would be tough on a LP, the end of the solo is a wah pedal

Its not a wah wah pedal

He uses something called a phaser. Dont know it look it up.
^ He uses a phaser throughout the solo. The end bit of the solo is a wah in the treble position tho.

I'm pretty sure anyway.
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Does that solo sound a little too close to purple haze to anyone?

That really pisses me off too...