Hey i know i'm going to get bored over the summer holidays as usual so i thought i'd try and build a stomp box.

Any easy and cheap ones that i could make, im not after great fx or anything, purely just something to do as i have just finished my electronics gcse course as well..


Oh and preferably something like a distortion/fuzz pedal?
there is a real simple version of the fuzz-face distortion that jimi hendrix used, i don't have a link to it anymore, but it is on the beginner sections of most diy pedal pages
Have you even bothered to read anything in this forum? There is plenty on building pedals in this forum already, and there are atleast 30+ threads like this where people come in and say give me a schematic, one thats easy and cheep. Try reading a bit and you'll find your answers, should take less then 5 minutes.
Use the search function.
I'm not very active here on UG currently.
I'm a retired Supermod off to the greener pastures of the real world.