the other day as i was practicing, my strap fell off of my guitar and one of the machine heads cracked off. i'm thinking instead of just replacing the machine heads to get a set of locking tuners. i know those are used on guitars with whammy bars, which my guitar does not have, but would that still be a worthwhile upgrade?

while i'm ordering guitar gear, i'm also thinking about getting pedals. is there any advantage to having several individual pedals to getting one multi-effect pedal, such as AX1500G by Korg?

if it matters, i'm playing an epi les paul with a behringer V-tone amp, and i usually play rock, metal, or punk.

Locking tuners do help. My guitar teacher has them on his ES-335 and they stay in tune. Schaller make good locking tuners.

I find multi-effects hard to use, but they're pretty good if you need lots of different tones. The digitech RP's are said to be good.