I can't belive no ones mentioned that today is Les Pauls 91st B-day. Although I don't like the feel of his guitars, I do think they are gorgeous works of art.

Happy Birthday LesPaul!
Hai UG!
Technically (and ironically), Les Paul didn't actually design the Les Paul model, rather it was named after him.

If I'm correct, he DID design The Log, which would still be a step in the right direction for electric guitars.
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thats right les paul just designed the first solid body which gibson threw out the door then fender came out with the showmaster(tele) and gibson brought les paul back in and designed the lp
Ted McCarty designed the LP
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Whatever, it's named after him... so that makes it his guitar because his name is on it.
Hai UG!
i was gettin ready to post this lol i saw it on Gibson.com anywas happy birthday Mr. Paul!!! im happy to have one of your guitars!!!
thanks to him we got that damn heel in the lespaul giving everyone in the world troubles playing lower frets on the guitar. That old man shouldve made it completely neck through!!!!

Happy B-day Mr. Paul (peanut) :d
Just an influence.