I have had a Takimine Acoustic Electric guitar for just over half a year now. I have had two minor problems with it. When you plug the lead into it, it stays in very loosely, although it does work, but if the guitar is tipped up, the lead will fall straight out. If it is plugged in and it falls out, it will create alot of static and I am told that this is not good for the guitar. One way I have managed to solve this is by using a lead with little bumps on it, so that it stays in. Is this a common problem with guitars, or not? Also is it possible to change this by doing something to the plug on the inside of the guitar, or would I have to get a new plug? Also, the plug is where you put the strap on - I have had several problems with this - it also keeps falling off. Is it possible to get clip on straps for this type of guitar, would it be a good idea to put a normal strap holder beside the plug? Any help would be greatly appreciated : )
^-- yeah i wouldn't call that normal at all. it isn't hurting your guitar when the lead falls out and makes all that staticky noise though being that your guitar is obviously not plugged in when this happens. i'd say you need to get the strap jack replaced.