I have a Yamaha Pacifica 112 that I was trying to sort out some dinks and scratches on to sell on. It was done in a anatural finish.

Some of the lighter scratches came out ok with water but I botched the worse ones and after a bit of light sanding thought I would never match the original satin finish so just sanded the whole body down.
I wanted to stain it a darker colour since the grain doesn't look particularly good in a light finish.

What I wanted to know was are there any techniques which can be used for avoiding over lap. Obviously I cannot stain the whole body in one go like a flooring or piece of furniture so will there be unsightly overlaps or nothing a light sanding won't take care of?

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When you stain, it seeps in, so if you overlap then you put too much, so when you stain just go ahead with it and then make sure it's all seeped in and nice and if you run out, just add some more stain.

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who sais you cant get it all in one sitting? the best way ive found is to use papertowels to do the first few quotes (not those foam things) wad up paper towels, dip it in the stain and rub it in, get a good uniform coverage, do coat two, etc etc etc. then put a nice clear on it

:edit: your not going to want to sell this when your done
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