It gets annoying when people say AVA for Angels And Airwaves. Thats an upsidedown A, not a V. I may be mistaken, but im 99% its an A. AAA, not AVA. A ngels A nd A irwaves, not A ngels V and A irwaves
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AAA is the correct initial, yes. But I believe the band decided to use AVA, as it is much easier to say (ay-vuh, rather than ay-ay-ay).

But I don't know, I hate that kinda music.
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Doesn't Tom Delonge use AVA instead as a tribute to his daughter (Named Ava)?
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no its not a tribute to his daughter, i saw an interview that explained it but i cant remember the reason now lol
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^Yes. Someone already said that.

You can say AAA if you want but the band has chosen the nickname "AVA", as:

1. Yes, it's Tom's Daughter's name.
2. "V" can be a variation of one of the many symbols people use to represent the word "and".
3. It's easier to say (also already said)
4. Because it looks cooler when you make it a logo.

So stop bitcing and live with it.

Furthermore, there is already an AVA thread.

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So stop bitcing and live with it.


I'm with you (ALittlesEnough) on this one.
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