hey im thinking of getting an acoustic ive played electric for 3 years and wanted an alrite one. im looking to spend 200-300 not exceeding 350 pounds that is. being an electric guitarist by nature i am ideally looking for a guitar providing me with high fret access. howver i found they generally are only found in electro acoustics which i was not too fond of the idea having said that i do i have a fairly nice peavey bandit 112 and use its effect loop with a pod xt provding me with a beautiful sound electric wise. would an electro acoustic sound good through this set up? can i purchase an acosutic with a cutaway without it being electro acoustic as i hear for your money you get a better sound using ur money on an acoustic (steel strung ofc this all is none of that nylon stuff :P )? i apologise for these noob questions . oh some finalsiing questions are that will an elcrtro acoustic still sound good not being played through an amp? can u please recommend some for my requirements 200- 350 pounds, preferably accesable in the Uk ? cheers for your help and time.
well 350 pounds is equal to about 645 USD if i'm not mistaken.... so you can get a really decent acoustic for that price. acoustics with cutaways and without electronics aren't extremely common but you can find them. somebody in this forum was asking about this guitar not to long ago:


maybe whoever it was bought it and can give you some feedback on it. an eclectric-acoustic in that price range SHOULD still sound pretty good unplugged... but of course there are going to be some that dont. you just gotta go out and play all the ones you can afford and let your ears decide.
oh btw that one u posted link for was an elctro acoustic adivce needed , wat kind of sound could i get with my pod and is it worth the loss in tone for extra freattgae and what kind of tone would i achieve without an amp with an electro acoustic in my price range - £350?
opinions on this http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/options.php?id=168
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most acoustic electrics sound just as good unplugged as a regular acoustic unless you get one of those thin body acoustic electrics. if you stay toward an acoustic electric with a decent body and play a couple of those youll probably find that you cant tell much difference between a regular acoustic and an acoustic electric in sound. i just got and acoustic electric ibanez zebrawood guitar only paid 400 USD for and i love it has an amazing tone unplugged. i dont know about your amp setup for the acoustic it may work but typically people use acoustic amps with acoustic electrics
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