Neocerebullum confinement. o_O its about the mind.

i wrote and recorded it in an hour from scratch i guess, so its not the final version unless i decide its not crap enough to change. mainly some ideas
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i don't like how the drums come in by themselves after the intro it doesn't flow, just do a direct transition without stopping the music, thats just my opinon, pretty cool man, check mine out on this forum, its kinda atmospheric as well, peace
anyway i just did an industrial metal song, tried to take advice from people from my last one and made "retaliation"
overall im pleased with it.

neocerebullum confinement is just WIERD

edit: ooo i posted my last song on the 5th, so on the 12th or so i can submit that song as it will be the next week!
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Well, to be honest this wasn't very weird. Not very interesting either. The intro was nice though. In overall, this was way too repetitive and lacked some kind of hook. The sound quality was decent, allthough I wasn't quite fond of the guitar's tone.

If you could think some kind of hook or catchy melody, this would be a lot more interesting. Good attempt though.

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