hmm... not my favourite song.

eehr first of all nice guitar there. sadly there's no accordeon... but the guitar was pretty much perfect.

Vocals: I dunno anyone that can sing as calm and nicely as JJ does and even he sucked at this lyrics :P

Belle lyrics are on Italian, French and Spanish.. i speak all those languages but Italian (which is pretty similar to Spanish though) and that's why i don't like this song so much. His pronouncing of the french part is really awful... u did even worse :p

Next time listen to it more closely and don't pronounce the "s" for "pas" (means no)
Apart from this, like anyone you weren't quite able to copy JJ's voice...
yea i agree with the guitar being very good...but the vocals from JJ are so hard to get right, but yea its a really good attempt, its sorta done with your own twist one the song....in the sense that you're not trying to copy his voice to pitch
to be honest i didnt even listen to the original song when i recorded mine, i just used the tab on this website which had the lyrics. never thought anyone would care about the lyrics
especially since they are not english