Does any out there know if someone makes a pot with a momentary push button in the cap of the knob.

I want to setup a kill switch that is on or off but that also has a momentary push button in the same knob that reverses the state of the switch(pot).

Think like the Fender S1 switch but for kill switch.
I've googled and haven't found anything so maybe I'm just not calling it by the right name.
I've never really heard of something like that. But if your talking about having a bypass and a momentary in like a footpedal, or a guitar, you could just mount one in there. It wont be clean looking but it would work. Since you mentioned Fender I'm guessing you want this in a guitar but Im not sure if you can clarify more, I can probably help you out.
A Fender S1 could probably be used for that.
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But if hes just wanting a momentary bypass so he could just push it in and then let off, would a switch really be able to do it, with out being a pain in the ass. Not the a push button mounted below the pots or something would be any easier.
you probably wont be able to find one already integrated into a pot, what you should look for if a momentary switch by itself to just mount to the pickguard (look for a "usually closed" switche, since i assume you wnat the switch to break the signal path)it wont be clean, but it'll work
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