I just bought a Boss Mega Distortion MD-2 pedal for my Gibson SG, and I just can't quite get that hardcore-metal sound I'm looking for. I'm a fan of the really present low-end, that really hits you when palm muting, but whatever I've tried on the Mega Distortion MD-2 has just sounded muffled when I turn it up. Every time I want more treble, the high-end overcompinsates and sounds way too harsh. Any time I turn up the lowend, it just sounds like a stack of matresses are covering my amp before I can get to a level I'm satisfied with.

Basically, I was wondering, for those of you with the Boss Mega Distortion MD-2, what levels for each dial do you suggest to really give me that metal/hardcore sound? (Lamb of God, As I Lay Dying, Unearth, etc.)

Any help is appreciated.

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I think what you really want is a cabinet with really good bass response, rather than heavy bass in your EQ.

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Lamb of God: Metalcore
I Lay Dying: Hardcore
Unearth: Metalcore

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^ indeed.

what amp do you have? and this goes in the settings thread.

hell this'll be the 3rd settings question i've reported today.

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Lamb of God: Metalcore
I Lay Dying: Hardcore
Unearth: Metalcore

You fail at life

Yikes, you're right. The word metal definitely isn't in metalcore. Metal/Hardcore didn't cover the spectrum at all. what was I thinking?
^Haha, you're on a roll GP.

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Metalcore isn't metal. If you meant 'hardcore/metalcore', why didn't you just say so? Furthermore, you'd originally posted this in the metal forum, in which metalcore is not allowed. Therefore,
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