Ok well, I can play several AC/DC songs, back in black, hells bells, highways to hell, TNT, dirty deeds....atleast the beginnings of them not the solos...And metallica songs...Disposable hero's, enter sandman, seek and drestroy, etc etc, beginnings of songs I now find are simple. I use to have trouble placing my fingers and moving them to different positions but I am much better now...I just find myself playing the same old stuff.

Obviously I Like rock, hard rock and stuff, but I think its time to start challenging myself again. I really think its about time to start learning some solo's, but I dont know what solo's are good ones to begin on.

Im looking for something that you can hear it and tell what it is, something so that when you play it you know what your playing, but I dont want it to be so simple its a breeze, but simple enough that I need to spend some time on it and learn it...does that make sense? Anywayz, any suggestions?
Why not learn the solos to the songs you've already started learning?

Most of the people here will just reccomend the same types of songs you just listed.
Smells like teen spirit has a prty easy one, as is the first solo in master of puppetts.
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yes I reccomend smells like teen spirit and try out the AC/DC solo's
but it aint house music that makes me want to dance.
the first solo to november rain isnt hard, just gotta time things right and u gotta do the bends right, but other then that its not too hard.
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This might be too easy, but try the solo in "Got the Time" by Anthrax. It starts 1:29 into the song.

Or you could try the tapping solo in "One" by Metallica

But if you play Metallica solos, keep in mind that Kirk tends to use Wah in the solos (you probably already knew that but it couldn't hurt to say it)
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oh god my tapping skill is ****, lol

Whether it be my fingers arnt strong enough or im just not doing it right, i dunno i need some lessons. But thatnks for all the suggestions im checking out some of em now
Well, on the "One" tapping solo, I use the butt-end of my pick. It allows you to hit the string faster (at least it does for me)
If you like Metallica, the begining solo in Fade To Black is easy. A lot of Nirvana songs have easy solos too, but someone already said that.
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Easy solos? This calls for a Green Day song!!!!!!
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d'yer maker by zep and livin lovin maid are easy.

if youre into them
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How long do you think it would take a beginner/intermediate player to learn the solo in Seek and Destroy?
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holiday by green day, smells like teen spirit by nirvana... idk if you like those kinds of music but they sure are easy solos
dude, just dive right in, pick your fav. guitar solo and just tackle it head on. When I was first trying to progress by learning harder songs I had been playin for around 6 months, maybe less. The first solo I EVER attempted to learn was the final solo in One by Metallica. It was hell for me and took a right good while to get it down. But, when I had finished, I had the speed and skill to kick me up to the next level in my playing.

So just pick a solo, and hit it head on and keep practicing it until you can play it.
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