Does anyone know how to import Drums from Guitar pro 4 to cool edit pro or audacity?
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What is that can you download it or do you have to buy it at a music store or ebay?
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Dude thats a Mac program lol
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First off, if you want to use the drums in Guitar Pro, at least get Guitar Pro 5 and use those drums...they sound a lot better than the crappy GP4 ones.

Anyway, if you chose to do it through Guitar Pro....Get your drum track (the entire thing) and go to file > export > wave. Set your sound quality, then save it, then it'll ask you to use the "play/stop" to record your drums...you have to listen to your whole drum track, so be prepared for a long wait if you have a long song. Anyway, when it finishes, just import it to Cool Edit...i've done it before and it sounds pretty good, but not great.

But on the note of Doggiebox...is there a good drum kit program for windows? I like the Guiar Pro 5 drums, but i'm always looking for something better