Hey guys, I'm looking into some Martin's between $800 and $1300. If you have played them could you tell me some things you liked and didn't like and all?

I need to make time to take a trip to guitar center and play some, but I was just wondering your suggestions.
Its how you look and how you feel
My D-16GT is really nice. She sings and has great bass. (i like a lot of bass on my acoustic i think it blends better). Really nice craftmenship beautiful guitar. (ive heard the really good martins start at the D-16 series..i wouldnt know i havent play too many Martins)

D-16GT- $1000

The D-15 is supposed to be great too (especially for recording). its only 700 but i would go with the custom spruce and rosewood on MF because thats supposed to sound even better.

D-15- 700
D-15 Spruce and Rosewood- 700 (on Musicians friend)

The reason i mentioned a guitar under your price range is because neither of the two i mentioned come with a pickup (you can get a version of the D-16GT with one but im not sure its worth the extra money for the pickup). I suggest you buy one of the ones i mentioned and spend a good amount of money on the pickup so it doesnt rob your tone. (maybe a Fishman Rare earth or L.R. Baggs M1 along with some sort of EQ) That gives you between 300 and 600 to spend on a pickup and EQ (which is more than enough).

Hope that helps
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