to anyone who thinks hatebreed is hardcore. come to me, ill punch you in the face.
344 london road
sarnia ontario

and to any gay scene kids who think theyre hardcore
ill punch you in the face puss.

to all real hardcore. or metal kids.. or skaters... your cool.

and the point of this is?
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you need some hugs. lots of them.
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Dude, this has no point. Lets see how long it takes to get this closed.
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letthebassplay you are now a legend

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RIP Bellamy...

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You're a moron.

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What to change the band name? No way!! We have a kick-ass logo of a washing machine eating guitars and everything!!

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Lol, when I'm bored I'm gonna try that with regular dice! If I'm famous I'll thank you for it
ok either you're a total moron or...well, you're just a total moron?

Is that your real address or your stepfather's? Did he try to touch you in your special place and now you're mad trying to get revenge?

Go worry about your terrorists. Maybe they'll decapitate you along with your PM.

what if i think their hardcore?
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