Recently I have been trying to get more calmer sounding solos, but I can't find the right scales. I want stuff that sounds mellow. Could anyone recomend some scales to use?

I want a sound like No Quarter by Led Zeppelin (the clean part in the solo), Santana, or stuff off of the weather channel, lol.

Thanks for the help!
I'd say a major scale? I think mellowness is more defined by your phrasing than the scale you use.
I agree totally with tweeres04, it's not what you play - it's how you play it. Look at your phrasing, your speed and of course how you're attacking the strings - maybe also look at the effects you're using, use more chorus and less distortion etc.

Just a note on the scales though, you may like to try the Lydian mode.
Definately agree, personally I've found if you want calmer softer solo's that major and minor scales seem to work best with nice easy phrasing.
Try a dorian mode, its the bomb, or some blues scales, also good. Use slides and subtle bends and stuff, not fast, but very soulful, lots vibrato!