i'm looking to get my first pedal. i have an epi les paul and a behringer v-tone amp, and i play metal, rock, and a bit of punk. i've seen lots of recommendations for distortion pedals, tho my amp has good distortion of its own, so i'm not sure if i'd need a distortion pedal. also rather than buying individual pedals, would it be better to get a multi-effect pedal? thanks

A good distortion pedal to start with is the DS-1 by BOSS.

It was my first pedal and I still use it all the time.
My first pedal was a BOSS DS-1 as well, but I dont use it as much anymore. I prefer the BOSS MT-2. It is about $20 more expensive and it will give you a larger range of distortion.
is distortion really what i'd want? because my amp already does have distortion built into it, and i wouldnt want something i dont really need
boss ds-2

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Everyone must own a DS-1 at some point in their playing career.


people he's already said that he's happy at the distoriton on his amp.......erm you could just go to your local guitar shop and see which kind of effects they have on offer, see what you think of the sounds and get an understanding of what each effect is, phaser, flange, chorus etc
I bought a cheap multi effect board as my first (zoom 707)
The good thing about it is you get an idea of what affects do what...
but don't buy that pedal^^ because it was **** in the end...
get a crybaby wah pedal
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i got a DigiTech RP-200a...it was the best ...till i got a better ear..but i know what effects do what and stuff

good 1st pedal
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Pedals are good to have incase you play on an amp without effects built into it. But whatever you do dont buy some digital pedal because they sound like sh*t. Just as with anything digital there is a lag from when you push the button to when you here the sound. Its more expensive but youd be better off to get all the effects you need in a bunch of analog pedals.