I know I posted something similar earlier...but what's a good setting for my digitech df-7 pedal in the boss ds-1 and digitech metal master modes (5 & 6)? I'm kind of a newbie so I can't figure a good sound by myself.
well i mainly use setting 5 for my metal
level is your volume level of the distortion, if you put it up high youll get more volume by turning on the distortion, if you put it low youll get the opposite
i turn the gain up all the way

i have the low 4, the mid freq. up to 7 the mid to 6, and the high up to 5
setting 6 is metal master, setting 5 is boss metal zone. 6 is utter crap, and i reccomend not even using it. just tweak it, play around with it. it's all up to you and what you want out of it. start everything pointing at 12 o'clock and just start turnin some knobs.
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