Hey I've been looking all around for this one bass and I only found one on Ebay....Its the Randy Rhoads Jackson only bass version and I was just wondering if they are still in existance...and if there is a site where they sell them please tell me....
A Randy Rhoads jackson.. Bass!? Randy Rhoads didn't play bass.

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yea i know but I saw a bass version of his guitar style and it looked cool as hell and I was just asking if anyone knew where I could find them or if they were still made...I am talking about a bass here...
altho i havnt proof of them being real, that is the 2nd RR-V style bass ive seen.

of course ive seen a ton of normal V style basses...
its definantly real....I just found out it was customly made...obviously..its amazing looking though eh....I want to buy it I just don't have 500 bucks haha...If I were to get one customly made it would be like that!!
i'm paying about $600 to build my custom RR bass, i hope it turns out as good as that one posted.
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whoa can you tell me what site you went to to do the custom bass and how much it costs to do them!?